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The main goal of this project is to obtain new films with antioxidant properties, based on xanthan gum and PVA used as coating materials in food industry, by cryogelation method, having the following important properties: extend shelf life of the product, maintaining their quality, safety assurance of the food products, non noxious effect on the environment, the products being biodegradable and non – toxic and last but not least, antimicrobial properties.

The general objectives of the project are:
-development of a professional carrier of the project leader and research team in obtaining new bioactive and biodegradable films used as a packaging materials in foods industry,
-promoting the Romanian research in accord with the newest European and international directions,
-development of the thematic regarding methods and technologies based on natural resources,
-development of the new technologies which improves shelf life of the products, maintaining in the same time their quality and appearance,
-development of the new solutions in order to control the quality of the food products.

Some of the specific objectives of the project are as follows:
O1. Obtaining of the new biomaterials based on xanthan gum and poly vinyl alcohol;
O2. To improve the properties of these new biomaterials by incorporating antioxidant substances.
O3. Properties evaluation of the obtained films;
O4. To establish the applicability domain;
O5. Dissemination of the results.









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