► The project was realized by collaboration of 6 research collectives from which an academic
centre (CO), two universities (P1 and P2), two economical agents which have research activities (P3
and P4) and an economical consulting unity (P5). Partners P3, P4 and P5 co-financed the research
activities during the project development.

► The achievement of the project was ensured by a team formed from chemists for chemical,
biochemical and thermal modifications of lignin, characterization of lignin derivatives, preparing of
multicomponent nanostructure systems and compatibility studies; physicists for spectral
characterization, the study of interface phenomena of obtained composite materials; biologists for
biocompatibility and biodegradation studies; engineers and sub-engineers for to service of
equipments for processing and testing of composite materials.

► The work team (54 members) was formed from teaching personnel (8), researchers (33),
engineers (8), economists (3) and technicians (2), from which 16 PhD and 16 PhD students (7 are
PhD students with frequency).