2006 - Stage I. - Lignin - source of raw materials for unconventional fuels and energy.

► Chemical and biochemical modifications for increase the reactivity of lignin.
► Theoretical aspects regarding the structure and the reactivity of lignin;
► Identification of the secondary products sources accessible to chemical and biochemical reactions;
► The obtaining of the unconventional fuels and bio-fuels from renewable resources.

2007 – Stage II. - Compositions and structures on basis of chemical and thermochemical modified lignin

► Chemical and biochemical modifications of some lignins from different sources to increase the reactivity in order to be used in multicomponents nanosystems;
► Synthesis of new micro- and macromolecular structures on the basis of lignin;
► Pyrolysis of the lignin products of different sources: processes, conditions;
► Obtaining of multicomponents nanosystems on the basis of lignin derivatives;
► Testing of the obtained products based on lignin to define the applications in different areas;
► Technical-economical analyze of the processes to obtain the multicomponents systems which contain lignin derivatives.

2008- Stage III. – Testing of the obtained products on the basis of modified lignin and establishing of the applicability fields

► Testing of the applicability of the obtained products from lignin and wood pyrolysis;
► Studies of the biocompatibility and the biodegradation of the complex systems which contain lignin derivatives;
► Processing of the obtained materials to products and their testing.