► Lignin, main aromatic component of vegetable biomass
obtained from the waste from pulp and paper manufacture
and from processing of lignocellulosic materials, can be
considering a alternative raw material of fossil resources.
► The proposed project is referring to synthesis and
characterization of some chemical products from lignin and
application possibilities in realization of performance
materials. Also, in this project is proposing the obtaining of
unconventional fuel, bio-fuel by thermal modification of lignin
and lignocelluloses materials.

Mainly objectives:

1. The chemical and biochemical modification of lignin in order to obtain new products with high value, by increasing of its performances and of the compatibility with other polymers; 2. The utilization of the lignin products in the structure of nano-composites and/or in biological systems;
3. Testing of the materials on the basis of lignin in order to establish new application domains;
4. The realization of studies and researches in the domain of obtaining of new lignin derivatives with complex structures and morphologies and the establishing of the applications areas of these.

Scientific objectives:

1. Isolation of high purity and without sulfur lignin by a unpolluted process;
2. Utilization of lignin products like energetic and chemical resource;
3. Studies on the controlled synthesis of new micro- and macromolecular structure on the basis of lignin;
4. The establishing of the correlations between structure-properties-applications;
5. Incorporation studies of the lignin derivatives in complex polymeric structures or in biological systems;
6. Interdependence studies between physical and chemical interactions, of cumulative effects which contribute to compatibility of complex polymeric materials, in concordance with theirs properties;
7. Biocompatibility and biodegradation studies.

Ecological studies:

1. Diminution of the environmental pollution by scientific promotion of the rational using and reinstatement in the natural circuit of the vegetable products (lignin) – renewable product for realization of the “friendly” environmental materials;
2. Partial or total replacement of some riskily traditional products with a material which contain a biopolymer (lignin) in order to reduce the environmental impact.

Economical objectives:

1. Capitalization of bigger quantities of lignin obtained as secondary product with lower value in cellulose and hydrolytic industry;
2. The development of the utilization potential of lignin as materials with new properties (composite materials, nano-structures).