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Main objective - The main objective of the Project is to achieve competitive UV-cured polymer - nanoparticle hybrid coatings with predictable antimicrobial or sealing features through a one-pot synthesis approach in order to develop simple, economically feasible and green products, efficient in the fulfill of contemporary environmental concerns.

O1. Development of photopolymerized hybrid networks enclosing plasmonic metal (Au, Ag, Cu) nanostructures and previously prepared TiO2 or ZnO nanoparticles for polymer coatings with improved antimicrobial activity.
O2. Design and one-pot synthesis of new metal-polymer nanocomposites by simultaneous formation of bimetallic Ag-Au, Au-Cu or Ag-Cu nanoparticles and UV crosslinking of methacrylate monomers suitably functionalized, through a simple and environmentally friendly approach.
O3. Design, synthesis, characterization and evaluation of novel photocrosslinked coatings bearing TiO2, ZrO2 nanoparticles or their combinations for the preparation of durable, aesthetic and biocompatible dental sealants.


Stage (1) 2018
Stage (2) 2019
Stage (3) 2020







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