Annual summaries:

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Project Description: 

Complex systems based on polymers containing alicyclic structures for high performance materials (POLALSYS)

    Project has its root at the convergence of two disciplinary areas: polymer chemistry and materials science. Scientific and economical premises are: (1) the heterocyclic polymers are recognized as high performance systems and (2) the progress of advanced technologies takes place in an explosive rhythm.

    The theme is focused on the development of new imide type polymers containing complex systems, based on flexible and/or rigid alicyclic monomers, with potential applications in advanced technologies as alignment layers for liquid cristals (LC ALs), dielectric and/or surface-related materials.  

    The next points are proposed:

(1) synthesis and characterization of highly organo-soluble imide type polymers based systems, by the control of chain flexibility and segmental mobility, through the incorporation into backbone of alicyclic groups and proper linkages, to obtain transparent, tough and flexible films, suitable as liquid crystal (LC) ALs; 

(2) investigation of novel aspects concerning the morphological modification of the new polymers by:

- rheological behavior of polymers;
- determination of transparency and energy absorption edges describing (Tauc method), correlating polymer structure influence the structural defects of the film with the optical and electronic potential transitions;
- evaluation of key parameters, such as absorption coefficient, refractive index and dielectric constant;
-polymer morphology change by (a) reorganizing polymer surface topography in a complex LC Als friction and (b) print these LC.

(3) structural reorganization of new polymers in micro-and nano-porous particles by reprecipitation technique and suspension polymerization