Project Abstract:

      The aging of polymer systems involves different factors: natural (light, heat, humidity), structural and accidental (impurities, oxidation processes occurred during processing), all these being capable to significantly reduce the life-time of materials. The mechanisms of polymers degradation are highly complex.

      Thus, there can be initiated photo-cross-linking or photo-oxidative reactions of polymers accompanied by decrease in average degree polymerization, increase of polydispersity and formation of chemical structures capable to modify the properties of polymers.

      The present project envisages increasing knowledge in the investigation upon effect of external factors on stability of multi-component polymer systems. It is aimed to create a research team comprising 4 experienced researchers and 3 doctoral students focused to acquire experimental data and to elaborate original theories in order to explain the performance loss of polymer systems during exposure to controlled environmental factors, and to evaluate their life-time prediction.

       It is considered that valuable scientific results will be provided, being comparable with those already existing at global level, and will contribute to increasing international visibility of Romanian research activity. The envisaged results will contribute to the finalization of doctoral theses to be realized by the young doctoral students included in the research team.








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