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The European Commission through the PLASTICE project supports a widespread use of sustainable types of plastics, particularly biodegradable plastics and plastics based on renewable resources. To foster this main objective National Info Points have been set up in the countries participating in the project (Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Slovakia). These National Info Points are organized in a way of "one stop shop" providing an easy access to information on sustainable plastics for both industry and general public. National Info Points are interfaces aimed at stimulating interaction between demand and supply along the value chains in the market of biodegradable plastics in Central Europe Most of the information on the NIP are in national language. Some documents are available only in English, having just an introduction/abstract in national language.

The Romanian colleagues who will receive information by Focal Romanian National Point are kindly ask to share it with their co-workers and to ask our organizing group for translation in Romanian the desired documents sent to them in English. Thanking you for collaboration we hope that this national focal point on Sustainable Plastics will be helpful for all of us.

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